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Consider the facts:

The number of filter material manufacturers is indeed small. But the origin of the paper tells you nothing about its quality – and nothing at all about the efficiency of the filter. There are so many other factors that have a significant effect on the quality of the filter media:

  • impregnation of the filter media
  • improvement through the use of activated carbon or nano fibers, for example
  • type and quantity of the synthetic fiber added to the paper pulp
  • composition of the synthetic raw materials used in production
  • drying time and temperature
  • production processing (pleating, curing using heat)

Whatever the application, MANN-FILTER selects the right medium for the job from the wide range available. Comparable competitors often use only a few standard media.

— the end justifies the media

MANN-FILTER develops special high performance filter media which combine all the necessary properties. Manufacturers of cheap filters, however, only use the simplest filter media.

But even if they could use the same media, there would still be an enormous difference in terms of processing. Black rubber alone does not make a good tyre.

It depends on the application

Whether we are talking about a carton, handkerchief or sand paper – a factory supplies paper for the widest possible range of applications and types of totally different quality. So if a supplier of cheap filters sources his filter paper from the same manufacturer as MANN-FILTER, this does not mean that he also uses material of the same quality.

Brief and to the point: Sometimes, cheap products contain filter papers which would be about as suitable as sand paper for wiping your nose – you just end up with a bloody nose.

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