You get your money's worth.

Consider the facts:

Even if it were assumed that only the paper was pleated and that the other components were thrown together in some way or other, this statement would contain an ounce of truth at the most. But there are vast differences in filter production. The key features of an OE-quality MANN-FILTER filter are:

  • highest development competence through many years of partnership with vehicle manufacturers
  • production technologies certified according to the latest standards
  • high quality materials optimally adapted to the application
  • latest test methods according to OE specification and international test standards
  • continuous quality control throughout the entire production process

— no compromises

The quality brand MANN-FILTER constantly invests in the continuous further development of test standards and production processes. This investment pays off and represents the essential difference compared with cheap products.

MANN-FILTER offers the best quality and optimum protection for you and your customers. And this has nothing to do with the advertising budget.

Nothing comes from nothing

Anyone who believes that two products are equally good just because they are based on similar technology is sure to have made many mistakes in life. Whatever the area of industry, there is usually a world of difference between low-cost and high class producers, even if they share the same basic operating principle. For example, no one would expect a simple disposable razor to challenge a top-quality brand blade. The latter will not only last longer, but will also provide a smoother, closer shave.

Brief and to the point: Advertising isn‘t everything. Even a large PR budget cannot turn a low-cost disposable razor into a super-sharp blade that offers the perfect shave. If you penny-pinch, you shouldn‘t be too surprised if the end results have a sting in the tail ...

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