Consider the facts:

Oil filters are usually highlighted and attract attention. However, the importance of the air filter has increased enormously in modern vehicles. Reasons why you shouldn’t skimp on this:

  • modern engines are becoming increasingly efficient and are therefore making ever higher demands on air filters
  • with the increase in the air volume passing through the filter, both the load on the air filter and its importance have risen proportionately
  • an efficient air filter is the basis for optimum fuel combustion
  • if water enters the air filter housing (as a result of heavy rain, for example), the correct function of simple air filters can no longer be guaranteed, which leads to a drop in engine power
  • a flame-retardant impregnation protects both engine and occupants

— protects your components

The technologies and materials that are used in internal combustion engine blocks have become much more sensitive. If low efficiency air filters are used, the hard surface coating of the cylinder block will be attacked by particles

that have not been removed and an active wear process begins. With modern engines, there is then only one solution – replace the original block with a new one. High quality air filters from MANN-FILTER will protect your valuable engine permanently.

The risk is out of all proportion to the price

Sometimes, quality simply costs a bit more. However, the price of a new air filter from MANN-FILTER is nothing compared to the cost of a new engine block, which can soon run to several thousand euros. And even the replacement of a clogged air flow meter will cost several times the price of a high quality air filter.

Brief and to the point: Anybody making false economies ends up paying more in the end. Nobody can recover the cost of a new engine block by buying cheap filters.

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