Safety first

Consider the facts:

Costs and risks arise at all times for both driver and vehicle, even if the latter is only kept for a short time. Reasons why you should avoid cheap filters – even if you want to sell your car in the near future:

  • cheap air filters can damage the air mass flow meter sensor, which can soon lead to faulty injection behaviour, considerable loss of power and higher exhaust emissions
  • cheaper materials can cause leaking due to brittleness and poor fit. Possible consequence: incorrect messages to the on-board electronics, which often cause considerable damage – and costs
  • the absence of flame-retardant is dangerous: The ember of a cigarette in contact with the filter medium could cause a fire

— never short-sighted

However long you use your car: MANN-FILTER air filters will protect your engine, your car – and you. They provide the basis for a perfect fuel-air mixture and a sound, efficient engine. Through the flame-retardant impregnation,

MANN-FILTER air filters reduce fire danger in the engine compartment. Minor savings achieved by using cheap products, however, can lead to massive damage and high costs.

Never economise on safety

Imagine you had to change your airbag regularly. Would you then opt for a cheap model of lower quality and hope that nothing happens? Certainly not.

Brief and to the point: Even if you do not keep your car for long, you still have to play safe and not take unnecessary risks.

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