Consider the facts:

Permanent temperature loading of 80 degrees and temperature peaks of more than 100 degrees can occur at the filter element during vehicle use. Even materials of the highest quality will therefore age and suffer fatigue. Also, any attempt to clean an air filter can have very detrimental effects:

  • mechanical stress during the cleaning process can lead to rupture of the pleats – which means the end of the filtration effect
  • the high cleaning air pressure may destroy the structure of the filter paper, so that the dust holding capacity is reduced
  • dirt particles can enter the engine through broken pleats and damaged structures
  • the reduced holding capacity in turn reduces the service life

— simply the best in the long run

MANN-FILTER air filters use the very latest filter media, which achieve much higher separation efficiencies than many comparable products on the market. So you can be certain that even the most modern engines have the best protection at all times.

Through special processing, a long service life can be achieved and service intervals greatly extended, even under harsh environmental conditions.

Little better than cold coffee

Cleaning processes of this kind will clog any filter and make it unusable, because they can destroy the filter medium. It would be the same if you were to remove a used coffee filter from the machine, tip out the contents and, after rinsing vigorously with water, expect to make good quality coffee using the old filter. Because of the inevitable stress on the filter, you would probably be in for a nasty surprise – should the paper tear.

Brief and to the point: Cleaning an air filter or blowing it through with compressed air may make it look cleaner, but the quality is by no means high.

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