Consider the facts:

Even if the dimensions of a filter are right, it does not mean it is a good choice. From the outside, the black can may make you feel confident about what you are buying, but only a high quality oil filter offers optimum protection. MANN-FILTER offers the best filter for practically every car or van model. It’s what’s inside that counts:

  • the filter material must be suitable for the engine and application
  • only the right filter that matches the application perfectly is able to retain separated dirt particles until the next change is due
  • depending on the type of engine, a filter needs a certain number of valves for optimum protection against engine wear. And not only is the number of valves important, but also the correct design values, such as the opening and closing pressure of a valve, for example
  • thanks to the robust construction of the threaded cap, reliable seals and a pressure-resistant, corrosion-protected housing, MANN-FILTER filters offer optimum stability and leak-tightness

— always just right

We take it for granted that MANN-FILTER products meet the demanding specifications of automotive manufacturers – but this is by no means generally the case on the aftermarket. At MANN-FILTER, you will not only find the right size,

but also the right solution for every engine and machine type and also for practically every application. MANN-FILTER does not offer run-of-the-mill products.

It’s what’s inside that counts

It‘s the same with filters as with tablets: their size tells you nothing at all about their effect – it’s what’s inside that counts. With a filter, it is a question of the correct functioning of the components, such as the filter medium, for example, and this is not visible from outside. What the filter does is only revealed when it is in use.

Brief and to the point: It’s what’s inside that counts

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