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2 x cheap filters + + =

Consider the facts:

If you believe that in the short-term, a cheap filter works just as well as an expensive one, then unfortunately we have to disappoint you. Because it never gives the same result – not for an instant. And to cap it all, a cheap filter conceals a whole series of risks:

  • possible leaks: e.g. at the filter medium or by-pass valve
  • lower separation efficiency
  • uncertainty regarding durability
  • use of incompatible materials in the vehicle – e.g. embrittlement of cellulose
  • media through aggressive oil constituents

— saves money, time – and nerves

’It’s what’s inside that counts’ – that should already be clear from Myth no. 8 Only a high quality filter really protects the engine right from the start. By using a MANN-FILTER quality filter,

you can even save money – let alone time and your nerves. Why should you compromise on reliability, protection and performance and even pay more at the end of the day?

Just do the maths to find out

Have you ever estimated the total cost of a filter change? The emphasis here is on “total”, because this is not done when the filter is purchased. As well as the material itself, you can also expect additional costs, such as the oil costs when the oil filter is changed – not to mention the expense of any replacement vehicle and the loss of your time

Brief and to the point: In spite of all the facts, you could of course also bridge the service interval with two cheap products. However, when costing the exercise, you should not only consider the price of the filter, but also twice the cost of changing it. It‘s safe to assume that a MANN-FILTER quality filter works out better in the end?

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